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Who we are


What we do

Previously a City worker, I know exactly how difficult it is to successfully manage of all of your commitments in our modern world - work / family / home maintenance / pets whilst hanging on to your sanity!  Sometimes I felt overwhelmed and had no idea who to turn to for help.  

Since September 2016, with the help of some trusted friends, I have been building an organisation that can employ members of the community that serves that very community,  re-connecting people with friends and neighbours in their local environment.  


As an ethical organisation, we pay the living wage and offer plenty of flexible working options - term-time only, school holiday only, weekends only or just occasional days here and there... some team members drop in and out according to their current commitments.

There are no age barriers to working with us other than those stated in Employment Law., In fact we positively welcome those with more experience who have skills to impart to younger generations.  


We offer occasional part-time work under supervision for teenagers and hope to be able to extend this in the future, helping them to learn valuable life skills whilst being paid a fair wage.  

We look forward to being of service to you.

                 Kerry Ramsay - Chief Do-Er

What We Do
  • Letters

  • Administration

  • Filing

  • Data Entry

  • Media

  • Online Selling

  • Events

  • Shed or Garage reorganisation

  • De-cluttering

  • Parcel or Prescription Collection

  • Shopping,

  • Laundry / Ironing

  • Pet visits / dog walking

  • Shelves, Doors, Fences,

  • Kitchens, Bathrooms, Decking, Bicycles, Sheds

  • Log Stores, Summer Houses

  • Pre-valuation tidy-ups and house dressing

  • Wallpaper stripping 

  • Sanding 

  • Interior and Exterior Decorating

  • Tub / Basket refreshes

  • Border redesigns and planting schemes

  • Small landscaping projects

+ much more besides!

  • Project / Deep and One-Off cleans

  • Pressure Washing / Steam Cleaning

  • Car Valeting

  • Appliances

  • Carpets

  • Interior Window frame and glass cleaning

  • Blinds

  • Pre/Post Occupancy Cleans

  • Our odd jobs firm tackles tasks in busy households, that you may be perfectly capable of doing yourself but for whatever reason, you are not able to achieve. With a team consisting of long standing community members with vast experience in a number of customer service based roles, we provide trustworthy, reliable and efficient help to the local community with all of the team's services offered at fixed hourly rates - we offer a no time waste guarantee and bill only for the time used rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes.


  • You could be at work all day, it's dark when you arrive home, the children are around and you are too busy or understandably not prepared to give up your weekends!

  • You may have a phobia that is preventing you from tackling something (the shed, the garage, the loft).

  • You may not be well enough, just had a baby or surgery or have a friend or elderly relative who would benefit from the service.

  • You may need to go out for the day and have someone to feed your pets or walk your dog.


  • Due to our pricing strategy, it is cheaper to pay “GET IT DONE” than hire a number of single tradespeople for what could be a large number of small jobs across differing disciplines. In addition, many customers would like the opportunity to come home and see the tasks they have been putting off for such a long time finally off the To-Do list.  Our jobs are intelligently scheduled to suit your lifestyle including evenings and weekends where required.  For the bigger jobs, if safe to do so, we arrive as a team, making a bigger impact more quickly and minimising disruption and inconvenience to you or your family.


  • Our team are all multi-skilled perfectionists, DBS checked, reliable, trustworthy and community minded with a variety of backgrounds in customer service oriented industries and will arrive in uniform.


  • No job is too small and we are trying to creating links with trusted trades in the area who can tackle even your bigger plumbing, garden and maintenance projects.

Contact Us

“Excellent service! Thank you so much for coming round to disinfect and clean my carpet after my son had a sickness bug just before Xmas. Would highly recommend.”

A. Sims
December 2016

“My house needed a makeover and professional clean in order to get it ready for tenants. Get It Done did a complete inspection of my property and made recommendations including things i'd not even thought about. They are professional, practical, completely trustworthy and did a fantastic job."

J. Miller
October 2016

“I needed my front garden and drive sorted. It was untidy: overgrown large hedge, weedy gravel drive and a holly that was invading a gutter on a ground floor roof. I called GID and in they came, with smiley, happy faces and great "can do" attitudes. Their fees are incredibly reasonable too. Just fabulous”

L. Sabbarton
November 2016

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